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Partner ecosystem

At Tuum, we believe in equipping financial institutions with time-resilient banking systems that enable them to innovate freely. From consulting, development and integration services to cutting edge fintech solutions, our continuously expanding partner ecosystem is an extension of this approach, multiplying the value and benefits for our clients.

Partner type

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    Tuum x ABC-TECH partnership enables customers to rapidly deploy advanced customer journeys on a high-performance integrated banking platform.

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    Tuum x AMLYZE partnership enables banks and financial institutions to leverage out-of-the-box compliance with the seamless integration of Tuum’s core banking, payments, and card modules, and AMLYZE’s comprehensive compliance solution.

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    Tuum and Areeba work together to integrate payment gateways and card services with Tuum’s banking platform, enabling smoother transaction processing and broader payment solutions for banks and fintechs.

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    Tuum is an AWS Qualified Software partner, allowing banks and financial institutions to deploy Tuum software quickly, securely, with increased scalability, and flexibility on the world’s most reliable and broadly adopted cloud platform.

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    Tuum x Banking Circle partnership gives access to global cross border payments schemes, and unlocks accounts and liquidity management capacity.

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    By partnering with Bricknode, the leading Brokerage-as-a-Service provider, Tuum is further expanding its core banking offering, enabling financial institutions to quickly deploy innovative digital investment products.

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    Tuum x CENTROlink connector enables direct technical access to SEPA to banks, credit unions, e-money or payment institutions licensed in the European Economic Area.

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    Tuum and Crealogix team up to offer more comprehensive digital banking experiences, combining Crealogix’s customer engagement tools with Tuum’s flexible core banking platform to deliver enhanced user interfaces and functionalities.

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    Tuum x Currency Cloud partnership helps banks retain and attract new customers by empowering them to send or receive money internationally.

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    Tuum x DLT Finance partnership enables Tuum's regulated clients to offer their customers additional access to digital assets.

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    Endava helps banks and financial services companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities.

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    Tuum x Entersekt partnership gives banks across Europe access to authentication solutions that are easy to integrate and meet PSD2 requirements.

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    Tuum x Fourthline partnership offers European financial institutions a secure and agile core banking solution that incorporates world-leading end-to-end customer onboarding and monitoring in compliance with KYC and AML regulations.

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    Tuum x Hawk AI partnership offers customers the benefit of real-time transaction monitoring and sanction screening that is optimised using machine learning.

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    Tuum x Hysab Kytab partnership enables banks and financial institutions to gain insight into their customers’ financial goals and identify opportunities for new revenue streams through hyper-personalisation.

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    Tuum x LHV UK partnership offers direct access to local and international payment schemes in sending and receiving payments.

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    Tuum x Marqeta partnership combines solid and sustainable core banking with modern digital payment experiences to be more efficient for customers.

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    The collaboration with MOZN focuses on integrating AI-driven risk assessment and management tools into Tuum’s core banking solutions, helping clients improve their risk profiles and operational efficiency.

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    Tuum x Nets partnership brings best-in-class card issuing and processing solutions to our customers, enhancing the value of the card product portfolio.

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    As part of the New Era Partner Ecosystem, the Tuum x New Era Digital Partners collaboration brings together a deep understanding of the digital banking landscape and Tuum's proven track record in delivering next-generation core banking solutions with rapid go-live deployments.

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    NTT Data, part of NTT Group, x Tuum have a collaborative Centre of Excellence (CoE) focused on Tuum’s next generation core banking platform and NTT Data’s extensive suite of professional services to drive innovation and efficiency for financial institutions and the delivery of cost-effective, scalable banking solutions worldwide.

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    Numeral is the bank orchestration platform designed for fintechs and financial institutions. Tuum x Numeral partnership offers local IBANs and a payments infrastructure that connects to EU and UK payment rails via partner banks, through a single API connection to Tuum’s core.

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    Tuum x Paymentology partnership combines Tuum's advanced Card Management System (CMS) with Paymentology's sophisticated card issuer and processing platform enabling businesses to create customised card programs, empowering our mutual customers to innovate, provide exceptional financial experiences and competitor differentiation.

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    Tuum x Plumery collaboration will provide banks and fintechs access to a fully integrated next-gen front and back-end core banking platform. The joint value proposition makes it 4x faster for businesses to design, configure and launch new products seamlessly to market with a modern, digital customer experience.

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    Tuum x Qualco partnership combines next-generation core banking with exceptional credit know-how, systems integration, and managed services capabilities, empowering clients to make informed decisions and to streamline their credit management operations.

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    Tuum x Salt Edge partnership enables clients to quickly become compliant with PSD2 and Open Banking directives, enhance the security of end-users and unlock Open Data.

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    The partnership with Salv gives Tuum’s customers access to a fast, flexible and transparent anti-money laundering (AML) platform with advanced monitoring, screening and risk-scoring solutions.

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    Senacor Technologies AG is the leading provider for business and IT transformation, digitisation and individual software development in the DACH region.

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    This partnership aims to incorporate advanced AI and analytics capabilities into Tuum’s platform, enhancing data-driven decision-making tools and customer insights for financial institutions.

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    TransactionLink revolutionizes B2B digital onboarding with its no-code platform, empowering revenue ops and compliance teams to manage onboarding flows effortlessly, while offering plug & play access to different type of registries and identity verification.

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    Trifork helps European fintech startups and established financial institutions bring new digital channels and customer experiences to the market.

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    This partnership is designed to integrate workflow automation into Tuum’s banking platform, enabling more efficient operations and customized automation solutions for financial processes.

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    Tuum x Veriff partnership enables clients to automate the identity verification and KYC processes, making the sign-up procedure easier for their customers and improving financial crime detection rate.

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    Tuum x 2innovate partnership gives clients instant access to an extensive range of pre-integrated regional and international transaction and payment providers.

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From AML and KYC to regulatory reporting, digital channels, and credit decisioning engines, Tuum’s marketplace brings together best-of-breed fintech technology providers. Tuum’s clients are able launch cutting edge value propositions to the market and start generating revenue in weeks, thanks to pre-built connectors and proven methodologies.

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From global leaders to boutique players, our integrator partners bring decades of experience and innovations in the fintech and banking space. They play a crucial role in supporting our clients to best leverage Tuum’s technology and take their vision to market.

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From transformational projects to global strategic launches, the world’s leading business advisory firms work alongside Tuum to advise clients on de-risking migrations, implementing seamless change management practices, navigating complex regulatory environments, etc.

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