Ozone API

The Ozone API enables banks and FIs to deliver standards compliant open banking and open finance APIs, supporting all major global standards.

Value proposition

The Ozone API enables banks and financial institutions to excel by offering standard compliant API technology for open finance. Our leading standards-based open API platform, supports all major global standards and provides the tools and expertise to help banks and financial institutions create real commercial value. The Ozone API platform has been designed to quickly and simply handle all of the complexity of open banking API compliance, allowing our customers to focus on delivering their strategies for growth.

For financial institutions:

Simple integration & proven technology

  • Guaranteed conformance with standards and regulatory updates (e.g. PSD3) 
  • Implementation in 6-10 weeks leveraging our proven solution supporting 70 customers.

Compliance & the tools to go beyond

  • The tools to deliver value adding and value creating open banking APIs that go way beyond compliance 
  • The ability to easily support market expansion

Trusted global expertise

  • The deepest expertise: Ozone API was founded by the team that developed the UK open banking standards
  • Trusted by central banks, regulators and banks of all sizes to help deliver open banking technology and standards around the world
For end customers:
  • Ability for customers to share their transaction data securely with trusted third parties, who can provide applications and services which save them time and money including:
    • Access to a wider range of financial services.
    • Better experience and banking personalization.
    • Increased control and security of financial data.

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