The complete document generation, distribution, archiving and retrieval solution for your bank.

Value proposition

The Formpipe Platform provides a complete end-to-end service delivering everything a bank needs to produce and manage incoming and outgoing customer facing communications, documents and information. Delivered as SaaS, and easily integrated into any core banking ecosystems, with minimal setup time and maximum speed and security.

For financial institutions:
  • Easily create exceptional financial documentation (digital & hardcopy)
  • Easy document templating with dynamic layout, content & brand switching
  • Hassle-free multi-language versioning and support for multibyte encoded (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc) language documents with right-to-left (RTL) layout.
  • Automated real-time multi-channel distribution to customers
  • Fast & secure archiving & retrieval of content into your platform / app frontend
  • Easy integration with core and ecosystem partners for unrivalled workflow
For end customers:
  • Receive personalised communications in chosen language & format, with tailored messages, offers and promotions
  • Enhanced statements / portfolios, including tables, charts, images, calculations
  • Easy and transparent access to their banking documentation across a choice of channels including: online archive via internet banking, print and email

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