Bud Financial (Bud) provides API-based transaction data enrichment to banks and fintechs.

Value proposition

 With AI-powered merchant identification, market-leading categorisation and advanced data analytics capabilities, Bud’s clients use the platform to hyper-personalise the customer experience, manage risk and optimise operations – ultimately finding new opportunities to grow.

For financial institutions:
  • Increase deposits and share of wallet with data-driven product offers for effective cross-sell and up-sell.  
  • Reduce disputed transactions and help consumers get a handle on their spending with accurate merchant identification and categorisation.
  • Grow the loan book while managing risk and minimising defaults by using enriched transaction data to inform underwriting and collections.
  • Democratise access to customer data and insights with a conversational interface for AI-driven insight exploration and high-impact marketing.
For end customers:
  • Personalisation: Consumers benefit from a richer, more personalised experience with messaging, offers and digital banking that’s tailored to their needs and interests.
  • Financial inclusion: Consumers can better manage their finances. Those with poor or thin credit history who might struggle to access credit through traditional routes can prove their eligibility with transaction data.

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