Gerlionti group partners up with Tuum to enter Luxembourg with online payment solution GerliPay

February 10th 2021 – Gerlionti Group, the prestigious association of international FinTech companies, have announced they are partnering with Tuum in the development of GerliPay – a fully digital payment solution for businesses and private individuals, providing seamless, flexible and customer-centric financial services.

So far, Gerlionti have been offering high-quality financial services, such as investment solutions and provision of payment services, to their corporate clients in Poland. With GerliPay, the company will begin scaling their business by entering the Luxembourg market and broadening their service offering.

Gerlionti: “Given the current global situation, there is a notable increase in the demand for digital payments. Naturally, this leads to a concurrent increase in the need for new players in the European FinTech market, offering innovative products with added value to customers.”

Built on Tuum’s next-generation core banking platform and using its accounts, payments, and card capabilities, GerliPay will be offering its customers online client onboarding, multi-currency IBAN accounts, business payment cards, salary payouts, payments (incl. SEPA and SWIFT), direct debit, currency exchange and other services. All of the above-mentioned services and client support will be accessible from GerliPay Web or Mobile App.

Gerlionti: “We chose Tuum’s core banking platform because it is a trusted and tested back-end system that provides a wide range of modern API-driven business modules from which we can select the ones most relevant to our product. This saves us both time and money – crucial factors when preparing for the release of a new product to the market.”

GerliPay is currently finalising the integrations with several service and solution providers to incorporate KYC, AML and card issuing/processing capabilities.

Tuum: “Easily integrating various third-party solutions to Tuum’s platform over APIs enables Gerlipay to make the most of the best-of-breed solutions already out there today and deliver the end-customer a winning solution.”

Gerlionti Group is running on Tuum as a pure managed service / SaaS customer.

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