Hélène Falchier

Hélène joined global fintech fund Portage Ventures as Partner in 2019, where she oversees European activities and serves on many fintech boards. In 2015, she launched the corporate venture program of CNP Assurances, recognized for its capacity to build relationships between the startup ecosystem and CNP, as well as for the financial returns it has been able to generate. On the investment side, Hélène has led three major deals in Europe in different fintech sectors (Buy-Now-Pay-Later, Insurtech and Core banking system), plus many other seed checks. She is one of the leading figures in the insurtech ecosystem in Europe. Thanks to her experience in large insurance groups, she has not only acquired technical knowledge of the sector but also knows the industry’s weaknesses, allowing her to support innovative entrepreneurs in this sector and their strategies. Hélène is also advocating for diversity in financial services, actively pushing for more women CEOs and more diversity at the board and C-level in fintech.

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