Crafting a Super-App for Global Trade [Tuum x Silverbird Case Study]

The Sky is the Limit: The Silverbird Success Story with Tuum

Silverbird, a financial platform that provides a comprehensive suite of banking services tailored for businesses involved in international trade, leveraged Tuum’s core banking platform to create a super-app designed to handle a vast scale of operations. Unearth the strategies that propelled them to a remarkable 400% growth trajectory, revolutionizing banking for SMEs in international trade.  
In this case study, unlock the blueprint for banking growth and efficiency, and learn how Tuum’s scalable and flexible core banking system became the wind beneath Silverbird’s wings, enabling their ascent to new heights of innovation and market reach. 

Key Insights from Silverbird’s Success: 

  • Targeting a Niche: Focusing on the underserved market of SMEs in international trade. 
  • Strategic Technology Use: Implementing Tuum’s core banking system to support massive scale and flexibility. 
  • Smart Migration: Transitioning to Tuum seamlessly, on time, and within budget. 
  • Business Builder: Utilizing Tuum’s tools to easily reconfigure services and fees, enhancing autonomy. 

Max Faldin, Silverbird’s CEO, encapsulates this synergy: “When your intention is to build a commercial banking super-app, you need a core banking system which can operate at massive scale, which can interact seamlessly with an ecosystem of third-party systems, and which has the flexibility to support an expanding number of use cases. That system is Tuum.” 

Download the Silverbird case study now and see how Tuum can help your bank fly. 

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