Next-Gen Core Banking: The Future of Banking [Tuum profile]

The banking industry has witnessed a significant transformation in recent decades, with technological advancements driving the evolution of core banking systems. Traditional legacy systems, once effective in managing individual products, have become a hindrance to growth for mid-sized banks. These systems lack agility, struggle with integration, and present challenges in providing personalized customer experiences.

Recognizing the need for modernization, next-generation core banking platforms have emerged as the solution to overcome the limitations of legacy systems.

In this Q2 2023 report titled Next-Gen Core Banking: The Future of Banking, IBS Intelligence profiles Tuum as a modern and flexible core banking platform solution that is redefining the way financial institutions operate.

Download this report for insights into:

  • The evolution of global core banking, starting from paper-based systems, progressed through the era and limitations of legacy spaghetti monolithic architecture, now culminating in modern, scalable, and open platforms
  • Why IBS Intelligence chose to profile Tuum in this report and name Tuum as one of the four next-gen core banking platforms driving transformation in Europe
  • Deep dive on the Tuum next-generation modular core functionality, integration capabilities, use cases, and key differentiators to other vendors on the market

As a bonus, a case study for how LHV Bank is using Tuum’s cloud-native core banking platform to power UK expansion is also included.

IBS Intelligence argues that the future of banking lies in embracing next-gen core banking platforms because they enable banks to stay competitive, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional financial solutions to their customers. With the ability to adapt to changing market demands and rapidly evolving technology, next-generation core banking platforms are the key to unlocking the full potential of the banking industry.

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