Freeing itself to innovate quicker [Tuum x LHV Case Study]

LHV is a BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) provider to over 200 customer-facing fintechs, including leading names such as Wise, Coinbase and Trustly.

Those who have heard of LHV (in Estonia) and LHV UK, its UK-regulated sister company, tend to think of it as a well-run and technologically progressive bank. So, why then did LHV UK feel the need to replace its core systems and why did it pick relative newcomer Tuum?

Download the case study for insights into:

  • The breakdown of why LHV chose to buy rather than build
  • The importance of an objective selection process and why LHV’s initial vendor rankings changed
  • How Tuum’s breadth of functionality is empowering LHV to deliver scale economies
  • How LHV shifted its IT budget focus from maintenance to innovation using Tuum’s fine-grained configuration capabilities

Andres Kitter, Deputy CEO of LHV UK, said, “With our core replacement, we have shown that migrations can now be done predictably. We would encourage others to address their own technical debt.”

Download the case study now to learn how Tuum is setting banking free and how you can unlock your full potential.

Hear more from Kitter and what he had to say about LHV’s migration during his interview with Fintech Finance at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam in the video below.

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