TAINA Technology is a Regulatory Technology (RegTech) provider of the market leading QI, FATCA and CRS Validation Platform.

Value proposition

TAINA’s fully automated, robust and flexible platform is helping financial institutions transform the burden of regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage by saving costs, reducing risks and improving their customers’ experience. 

For financial institutions:
  • Improve customers experience with a simple, intuitive online solution validating forms in real time, reducing form rejections by 85%
  • Greater Efficiency: Reduce processing times with 75% faster validation processes.
  • Achieve up to 84% cost savings per tax form by streamlining tax form validation.
  • Achieve Greater Compliance with robust rules engine for expert review of every form.
  • Mitigate risks associated with manual processes in a fully digital and controlled environment
Product capabilities:
  • Online / Mobile Customer and Investor Portal
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Digital Entry
  • Ongoing Monitoring (Change in Circumstances)
  • Withholding Engine
  • Intermediary tool

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