Tuum partners with Bricknode to add investment solutions to its offering

Tuum, the next-generation core banking platform, has announced a partnership with Bricknode, the leading Brokerage-as-a-Service provider, to enable financial institutions to quickly deploy innovative digital investment products.

Tuum’s API-first, modular core banking platform enables companies to quickly roll out new financial products, from accounts, deposits and lending to payments and cards. By partnering with Bricknode, Tuum is adding investments to its platform, further expanding its product portfolio.

Bricknode has developed one of the industry’s most comprehensive core investment platforms, Bricknode Broker, which supports multi-asset investing, from stocks and bonds, to mutual funds and commodities. The platform is dynamic and configurable, enabling financial services providers to launch unique investment propositions in weeks.

Modularity is a key concept of both Tuum and Bricknode’s business models. Financial companies can select the specific modules needed to power their business and integrate them seamlessly alongside third-party applications.

“We’re on a mission to help democratize investing for people around the world by making it easy for companies to launch innovative new products,” said Erik Hagelin, co-CEO of Bricknode. “That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Tuum and open up new product capabilities for their customers.”

“We see huge potential for disruption in the private banking and wealth management space, and are witnessing a rising interest from established financial institutions as well as start-ups to launch new exciting investment products,” said Julien Douve, Global Head of Alliances and Partnership at Tuum. ”Technology for investing has lagged behind other areas of finance. Therefore, we’re thrilled to partner with Bricknode to be able to offer next-generation investment capabilities to our clients, alongside our core banking functionalities.”

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