Tuum attains SOC 2 compliance

London, 4 March 2024 – Tuum is delighted to announce that we have attained SOC 2 compliance which stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to security, privacy, and operational excellence. As a trusted core banking vendor, we recognise that our clients operate in an environment where data integrity and protection are paramount. SOC 2 compliance means that our systems and processes have been rigorously evaluated and are proven to meet high standards for security, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive financial information.  

For our clients, Tuum’s SOC 2 compliance offers a multitude of benefits, including: 

Enhanced Trust: Clients and our wider partner ecosystem can engage with our platform knowing that Tuum adheres to industry best practices for security and data protection. 

Risk Mitigation: The SOC 2 compliance framework minimises the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access, providing peace of mind for clients and their customers 

Streamlined Due Diligence: Clients save time and resources in vendor assessments, as our SOC 2 report provides the due diligence evidence they require. 

Market Competitiveness: Our clients can leverage Tuum’s compliance status to demonstrate their commitment to security, bolstering their own reputations.  This compliance is not just a badge of honor; it is an operational prerequisite in today’s digital banking landscape. Tuum’s clients can be assured that they are partnering with a platform that is built on a foundation of trust and security, which is integral to their success and growth in the financial sector. 

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