Trifork strengthens its fintech offering by partnering with Tuum

2nd July 2021 Trifork, a next-generation IT services provider, and Tuum, a cloud-native core banking platform, have entered into an integration partnership. This partnership strengthenens both companies’ banking and fintech offerings.

As banking continues the transformation from branches on street corners to digital services, the importance for the financial industry to develop and offer innovative and easy-to-use digital solutions has increased.

Tuum has built a highly configurable core banking platform, featuring a comprehensive set of retail and business banking capabilities. It helps financial innovators to rapidly develop, test and roll out new products and services. Trifork will leverage its experience in building innovative fintech solutions to develop add-on features to Tuum’s core banking platform. Additionally, it will support customers within the financial services industry throughout the implementation process.

“Fintech is a core business area in our growth strategy, and the partnership with Tuum, who has developed a platform allowing both established financial service companies and fintech startups to quickly roll out tailored digital services, further strengthens our offering within the important and fast-growing fintech segment.” Peter Rørsgaard, COO, Trifork FinTech

Tuum’s platform consists of independent modules, which can be selected in a ‘pick-and-choose’ manner. Its API-first approach facilitates seamless integration with other services and systems. As a result, new product offerings can be developed in a faster, more flexible, and more cost-efficient manner when compared to legacy banking systems.

“Partnering with Trifork enables us to better serve our quickly growing customer base. Combining our flexible and lightweight core banking technology with Trifork’s reach and proficiency in building new use cases, we will bring fintech innovation to more and more customers within Europe. These customers will then unlock the full potential of our core banking platform.” Julien Douve, Head of Alliances and Partnerships, Tuum.

Prior to entering into this integration partnership, Trifork and Tuum were already working together on several customer cases.

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