Ozone API x Tuum join forces to accelerate open banking worldwide

London, June 11, 2024Ozone API, the global open banking leader, today announces a strategic partnership with Tuum, leading next-generation core banking provider, to enable Tuum’s customers to comply with open banking regulations and commercialise open finance across the globe.

The partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies, combining Ozone API’s industry-leading, standards-based Open API platform with Tuum’s modular core banking solution, which is both cloud-native and based on microservices architecture. This integration will streamline end-to-end business processes by leveraging a pre-integrated ecosystem of best-in-class solutions.

Ozone API supports all major global open finance standards, offering over 400 standard APIs, helping customers go beyond compliance and commercialise open banking anywhere in the world.

By combining their collective strengths, Ozone API and Tuum aim to create a seamless and comprehensive ecosystem that empowers banks and financial institutions to thrive in the new world of open banking and open finance. In doing so, they will drive innovation in a number of new markets to the benefit of industry players, investors and consumers.

James Bushby, General Manager for Europe and Global Partnership Lead at Ozone API, says, “Our collaboration with Tuum marks a new chapter for open banking and finance globally. Our combined strengths will enable financial institutions to tackle compliance challenges while harnessing the immense opportunities of open banking. Together we’re paving the way for industry disruption, elevated customer experiences, and a more open, connected, and customer-focused financial ecosystem.”

Jean Souto, VP Global Partnerships, Tuum, adds, “At Tuum, we understand the need for banks to replace legacy systems quickly and safely, lowering maintenance costs and unlocking new possibilities. Our partnership with Ozone API directly addresses this need, integrating their Open API platform into our partner solutions. This powerful combination enables our clients to navigate open banking compliance while exploring new revenue streams, fostering innovation, and positioning themselves for success in an ever-changing ecosystem.”

About Ozone API
Ozone API empowers banks and financial institutions to adapt and thrive in the new world of open data, by providing the technology to unlock the power of open finance and change the world.

The UK-based fintech is the leading standards-based open API platform, supporting all global standards and providing the tools and expertise to help banks and financial institutions create real commercial value.

With a founding team that led the development of the UK open banking standards, Ozone API continues to shape global open finance helping regulators, banks and technology platforms to accelerate open finance.

About Tuum
At Tuum, our mission is to allow banks to replace their legacy systems quickly and safely, to lower their maintenance spending and to open up new possibilities to adapt and prosper in the digital world; in short, to set them free.

We employ a smart migration approach to help banks to move off their current systems. Using this approach, our clients go-live on average within 7 months.

Once live, our system enables banks to easily launch new products and open up new verticals. Offering more than core, Tuum allows banks to operate multiple business lines from a single system, including accounts, lending, payments and cards, as well as go further through access to an interconnected ecosystem of partner solutions.

Tuum also allows for business transformation. Our business builder gives banks the fine-grained settings to precisely configure their operating, sourcing and distribution models to launch unique models to capitalise on the possibilities of digitization.

Tuum. Core banking. Without limits.

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