LHV UK & Tuum launch strategic partnership

28th October 2021LHV UK (‘LHV’ or the ’Company’), the financial and payment services provider for fintechs, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tuum, the leading modular core banking platform.

This partnership enables Tuum to offer a single API-based payments platform, which gives fintechs and financial institutions 24/7 access to instant payments, in both GBP and Euro, via the UK Faster Payments and SEPA Instant Schemes.

Through this mutual proposition, Tuum’s customers will have access to LHV’s existing banking services such as safeguarding funds, Virtual IBANs, multi-currency bank accounts and FX, amongst others. GerliPay, a fintech challenger providing an online payment solution for start-ups, SMEs and large corporates, will be the first to go live. A pipeline of other companies will shortly follow.

The partnership will further enhance LHV’s existing go-to-market strategy and bring new customers to LHV’s highly regarded direct market offering. Currently, almost 200 companies have chosen LHV to access instant Euro and GBP payments through its proprietary API ‘LHV Connect’.

Andres Kitter, Head of LHV UK, said, “Tuum is one of the leading core banking platform providers, servicing numerous established corporates and high-growth fintechs. This partnership allows LHV and Tuum to mutually service customers across a wide range of industries. This proposition allows us to further cement our reputation as the go-to Banking-as-a-Service provider across the UK and Europe.

“Delivering robust and cutting-edge payment services that allow fintechs to focus on other business priorities is of vital importance to us. LHV provides a single platform from which a variety of banking products can be consumed with minimal operational resources required. Our own direct offering is trialled, tested and widely appraised, and with the addition of Tuum’s banking architecture capabilities, we become a one-stop-shop for aspiring fintechs.”

Tuum’s Global Head of Alliances and Partnerships, Julien Douve, said, “LHV is one of the most prominent and future-facing financial institutions on the market, combining technical and operational excellence with a strong vision to enable the development of cutting edge financial use cases. This strategic partnership will be a formidable accelerator of innovation for the fintech community. Clients and prospects of Tuum can now avail of the wide range of payment and banking services offered by LHV right from the get-go, enabling faster than ever times to market for new products and services.

“This joint offering positions Tuum as a partner of choice for newcomers (EMIs, PSPs, crypto etc.) and embedded finance providers alike that are looking to launch innovative propositions in a fast, agile and secure way.”

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