Setting banking free. Core banking. Without limits.

Our platform

Our mission

At Tuum, our mission is to allow banks to quickly and safely replace their legacy systems, to lower their maintenance spending and to open up new possibilities to adapt and prosper in the digital world; in short, to set them free.

We employ a smart migration approach to help banks to move off their current systems. Using this approach, our clients go-live on average within 7 months. Once live, our system enables banks to easily launch new products and open up new verticals.

Offering more than core, Tuum allows banks to operate multiple business lines from a single system, including accounts, lending, payments and cards, as well as go further through access to a pre-configurated ecosystem of partner solutions.

Tuum also allows for business transformation. Our business builder gives banks the fine-grained settings to precisely configure their operating, sourcing and distribution models to launch unique models to capitalise on the possibilities of digitization.

Tuum. Core banking. Without limits.