Markaaz is the global business identity platform enabling banks, fintechs and enterprises to verify and onboard more businesses, accelerating access to vital services.

Value proposition

 Markaaz supports the business identity lifecycle from identifying customers, to verifying and onboarding (including decisioning) to data enrichment and monitoring of business insights. 

For financial institutions:
  • Use the higher quality, breadth, and depth of Markaaz’s data to verify/onboard a greater number of applicants (e.g. cards, loans, BNPL).  Markaaz’s approach of fusing 65,000 verifiable sources globally and using latest technology (cloud-first, AI-enabled) verifies 30% more customers, resulting in multi-million dollar incremental revenue (60-80x ROI).
  • Besides onboarding/verification, enterprises use Markaaz data for AML/fraud checks, credit risk monitoring, data enrichment (to get the latest updates about address change or ownership change and more), and prospecting.
For end customers:
  • Business end-users (all sized of businesses) benefit in lower decline rates, as Markaaz’s ability to match data is far greater than anything else in the market. Markaaz’s algorithms leverage historic and current data and control for data entry errors to ensure that ‘fat-fingering’ does not cost you your loan. 

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