Zoom Webinar · May 23, 2024

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Join us for Tuum Talks Episode #6: Converging on Prosperity: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Financial Services

In this episode of Tuum Talks, Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Tuum CRO, will talk with João Sales Caldeira, Partner at Deloitte. As well as a Financial Services Technology Partner at Deloitte Portugal, advising on major transformation projects, João also leads the Industry Solutions Practice for Financial Services, where he is responsible for Deloitte’s relationship with key providers across multiple geographies, as part of the Deloitte Converge program.

May 23rd, 10:00 AM CET 
Zoom Webinar 

A wide ranging discussion about technology trends, bank opportunities and challenges, and the changing role of professional services companies, the talk will cover:

  • The challenges and opportunities facing banks today
  • The need for digital transformation
  • Technology trends
  • The role of AI
  • Technology vs culture
  • Paths to system modernization
  • The changing nature of consulting
  • Converge Prosperity, its genesis and success to date 

As someone who has been helping banks, payment firms and insurance companies to transform their businesses for over 25 years, supporting with system selection, integration, infrastructure set-ups and business model renovation, João has seen a lot and has a lot of sage advice to give. For any firm contemplating digital transformation, this is an episode you don’t to want to miss!

Reserve your seat for a discussion that promises to be as informative as it is inspiring. 

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