Zoom Webinar · November 20, 2023

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Welcome to Tuum Talks Episode #2: Scaling Fintech Growth

Join us for the next episode of Tuum Talks, where we’ll discuss how to scale growth in fintech. In this second episode, we have an exciting conversation lined up between our very own CEO, Myles Betrand, and the esteemed Elliott Limb, Founder & CEO of Cubed and former Chief Client Officer of Mambu. 

November 20th, 10:00 AM CET 
Zoom Webinar 

In this enlightening discussion, we will explore:

  • How the role of sales is changing
  • Bottom-up vs top down sales
  • How to structure a sales team depending on growth stage
  • When to hire a CRO
  • Sales incentives
  • Measuring sales teams
  • Hiring and retaining the best sales teams
  • Managing the indirect sales model
  • The characteristics of really high-performing individuals and teams
  • The hiring market now
  • GTM and fintech predictions for 2024

Our Guest

Meet Elliott Limb

Elliott has over 20 years of experience in tech, banking, and consulting. He has held C-level positions at two fintech unicorns and founded three fintech companies before that. He is also author of the “Scale-Up Playbook.” If anyone knows anything about scaling fintechs, it’s Elliott. The second in our series of Talks with the people making and shaping the future of fintech, this one is essential viewing for anyone in a sales or leadership position at a fintech company. Please don’t miss out.

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